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I am absolutely appalled at the service, or lack there of, when it comes to this seller, natural2016!! I ordered a bag and the funds were automatically deducted from my account. One might think, GREAT, it's on its way! But NO! I received three messages from this seller saying that I still needed to pay for the bag even though my bank had already paid them. I then cancel my order, since this... Read more

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Ordered fake Ray Ban sunglasses (4 Glasses) with only two delivered. Repeated emails about the short delivery just tell me they are an honest iOffer seller. Load of ***. Buyer Beware. In my emails to the company I provided full order number and delivery docket details of what was ordered against what has been delivered. Manner of responses from company is very poor with no opportunity to... Read more

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  • Jan 11
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Beware of andreas122876 he is selling fake Nazi militarism as original. He has a set of 12 SS division rings with rzm stamps and he wants $10,000 for them. Original SS division rings DO NOT have any stampings or markings of any kind. He is a fraudulent arrogant piece of ***. Add comment

this website is a joke no security for the buyer i bought 2 items form a seller in oct 15 but havnt received item complained to seller and he replied by saying he doesn't control the ship its now jan 16 think i could have rowed a boat by now complained to the site just to tell me they have no control over sellers well if they have no control at least stop these sellers ,selling items on their site Read more

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Iofer Auctions is a worthless scam. After they get your money the contact person. never answers the phone again, or returns calls. He gave me his cell number,I called it and he answered and said he's now working at a different company, however when you call his office number originally provided you get his voice mail, 2 months later. They give you a line about having all these customers for your... Read more

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I placed an order with Ioffer and got an email saying it had shipped in just a couple of days. I waited and waited and it didn't come. I tried to trace shipment from tracking information they sent, it was in Chinese and there was no phone number or email address to contact them. I decided to contact my credit card company and dispute the charges and then a couple of days later the merchandise... Read more

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  • Oct 16, 2015
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I ordered a movie , roll Freddie roll. The money was taken from my checking account. Waited for a message that it was sent, then tried to get ahold of someone. I offer, said they took care of the problem and my package would be here Oct. 14th. Well I did not receive it. Now I owe my good friend for this. I'm very upset, I feel the BBB should get involved but I have no way of finding the seller. Add comment

Buyers beware of Ioffer seller raremusicdvd1978.After doing some research I found that this seller is one of the owners of Ioffer out of San Francisco CA. and operates a store selling high priced, very poor quality bootleg and copyright DVDs and CDs. I made a purchase of four DVDs, Last Summer 1969 $60.00, Bunny O'hare 1971 $40.00, The last Movie 1971 $60.00 and Rad 1986 $25.00. ALL were... Read more

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I ordered an Item from Ioffer and it was a complete DVD series and it had no details. Well,it took 2 weeks to get the item(14 days) and when I would email the user several times where my item was and they never responded. Well,I got the item and they burned the videos on a disc. I went to play them and they were put on mute. So I could not hear them. I emailed them and they still haven't respond.... Read more

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I object to this. I am a frequent Seller on iOffer. I love iOffer and have met some wonderful people and have had good sells. If you would bother to read about iOffer, you would find that all Sellers have the opportunity to become a TruShield member (which I am). As such, we have submitted our driver's license and picture to iOffer for verification. When it is approved, we receive the blue... Read more

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