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iOffer is running a complete scam.

Company Ioffer
Product / Service All Auctions I Bought From
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Auctions and Internet Stores
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I have made over 10 purchases with ioffer.I have a excellent rating with ebay.

Every single one of my purchases with ioffer has turned out to be a scam. I know the the Chanel merchandise is fake, BUT, I still expect to get what is pictured or EVEN close to what is pictured. But instead of boots that I have paid $80.00 for, I get a cheap chain. Instead of a purse that I have paid $150.00 for I get a 3" laughing buddha( I probably deserved that for being so ***) BUT what gets me, is that 5 days AFTER each purchase, ioffer sends a "Buyer could be fraudulent" which is TO LATE.

They know these guys are crooks and yet they continue to support them. And then when I send a complaint to THEM, they halt my account, so that I cannot say anything on the site. It is deplorable and despicable. They are as bad as the crooks sending the junk.

ALL my purchases came through as a cheap chain of a buddha piece of junk. They need to shut down and be held responsible for their actions. Because they know exactly what is going on. I think it would make a good news story or even 60 mins.

They are all scam artists. I have never had a problem in 10 years on Ebay and now I have lost about $1,000.

on ioffer.Hopefully, others can be warned. 302514e

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Apr 10  from Dallas, Texas
I agree, I had a very bad experience with an ioffer. cheap product. I did not received half of my orders. sellers do not respond and this site do nothing to help me to get my money back.
Reply to Irena

Apr 08 
I am very disappointed by the ioffer.com
I ordered the product: 88SCFD, but they sent me another product: 88SCFA that is not popular and more expensive (they took me more money).
I will never buy at the ioffer.com
Reply to Valentin

Mar 29 
Excuse me ? If you thought they were a scam or you didn't have a good experience for the first order, then why did you have to go there and shop 10 times ? Strange ! What are you trying to do here - Gossipping ?
Reply to Netmaniac

Mar 18 
I have ordered many pirate DVDs and one counterfeit designer shirt over the years from iOffer. I received the shirt and most of the DVDs just fine. Other DVDs though, came on crappy discs that didn't play properly. Don't spend any money on iOffer that you're not prepared to lose. And yes, the people running iOffer know all about this and won't refund your money if you get ripped off. IMHO, Movies are usually fairly safe to buy in small amounts.
Reply to Tomboy

Feb 05  from Regina, Saskatchewan
I will never ever use iOffer again. It is a major scam. I've used eBay many times without problem. With iOffer I never received the product at all. Seller just kept giving excuses on why I hadn't received my purchase. Then said he did a reshipment .. even provided a fake tracking number. Then when I asked for a refund the seller quit responding. iOffer provided no assistance. Buyer beware!
Reply to Kodi

Feb 05 
iOffer is a complete ripoff. I never received the product I purchased. No fecund and seller doesn't respond now. Never ever use iOffer.
Reply to digit

Jan 19  from Istanbul, Istanbul
Beware of caishendao213 @Ioffer and the people selling watches and sunglasses.I bought a DG sunglass and he made me wait for a week and then closed his account.I was schocked to see the item marked as "received" today.I don't know who marked it but it wasn't me for sure.I have been asking for a tracking number for a week.I also noticed if you rate positive transaction but write the negative experience they publish it.So it must be arranged that only positive ratings are published.
Reply to nly

Jan 09  from New Albany, Mississippi
Yeah, they have 99% positive reviews, but if I leave a bad review it doesn't show up. Ever. How often does this happen? iOffer is working in conjunction with cons, letting them complete their transactions so that they can gain the commission on each sale.
Reply to Me

Jan 07 
You buy from people that have been on there for a year and have 99% feed back also read customer reviews...
Reply to A newyorker

Dec 25, 2013 
did anyone file a report to get a refund? i didnt receive anything, and i just filed a report to get a refund.
Reply to pissedoff

Dec 23, 2013  from New York, New York
I have expirence similar feelings about the company and the sellers, only I made my purchases and received nothing at all. BEWARE IOFFER IS A SCAM
Reply to Onlinebuyer998

Nov 25, 2013 
I bought a Gucci belt for my boyfriend in hopes it would be here for his birthday. The seller says they never received the money, however my PayPal and bank account reflect otherwise! I am beyond pissed and I refuse to ever buy anything from ioffer again!! Its a rip-off! Everyone on that site are professional scam artists!! :( :( :(
Reply to dezbear 311

Jan 12 
Did you ever get the belt? The exact same thing happened to me, my money is gone from the bank and pay pal and ioffer is saying didn't buy it?
Reply to Taylor 001

Nov 08, 2013 
If you have continually purchased goods from a site that you feel has ripped you off many times, more fool you. I have bought both from Ebay with which I have a good feedback & Ioffer & am satisfied with both. I get the goods from Ioffer such as handbags & I know they are knockoffs, at that price what else? But I have found the purchases are of a reasonable appeareance, for a knock off what do you expect???
duhh!!! Am happy with both sites. Who the *** knows the difference between a knock of & the real item, unless you are a expert in telling what is real & what is not. I can,t afford the real thing so am happy with a bag that looks like the real thing.
Reply to Brownie1946

Oct 24, 2013 
i just bought a michael kors fake handbag on 23 sep 2013 they sent me wrong color i try to content the seller. they just sent me $41.79 for the bag and did not answer my question also the comment from their site i believes is fake because i found out they did show my comment, i offer is bad ! hope you buy think before oyu buy!
Reply to ann

Aug 26, 2013  from Alexandria, Virginia
I wished I had heeded your warning. After disappears for a few days my seller finally replied to my request for tracking info. The tracking info indicated that my carrier attempted delivery 3 days earlier to the front desk of my apartment complex and that a "notice (was) left." (I never received a notice). I assumed the concierge stepped into the restroom and that the carrier could not deliver, so I phoned USPS to request re-delivery. When the package did not show, I talked to the concierge and to my postal delivery woman personally. The woman denied leaving any notice or attempting delivery of such a package. Very suspicious.
Reply to Matthew

Aug 23, 2013  from Adger, Alabama
Use pay pal for a payment because if there is a problem you can get a refund
Reply to Anonymous

Aug 20, 2013 
you should check to see how many stars they have...never buy from a seller without stars....so far i have had no problem with ioffer
Reply to tori

Aug 16, 2013  from Florida City, Florida
All I can say is thank you for all the reviews because I've been going in and out on ioffer :grin want it to buy some shoes was really scare to just give $150 to some low life :roll I've work too hard for my money, now I know to stay away from ifucker better of with amazon or EBay
Reply to Toocheec

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ioffer is a scam operation.

total scam and in with the crooks they support on their site.When you complain, they shut down your...

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