iOffer is running a complete scam.

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Nov 18, 2009
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I have made over 10 purchases with ioffer.I have a excellent rating with ebay.

Every single one of my purchases with ioffer has turned out to be a scam. I know the the Chanel merchandise is fake, BUT, I still expect to get what is pictured or EVEN close to what is pictured. But instead of boots that I have paid $80.00 for, I get a cheap chain. Instead of a purse that I have paid $150.00 for I get a 3" laughing buddha( I probably deserved that for being so ***) BUT what gets me, is that 5 days AFTER each purchase, ioffer sends a "Buyer could be fraudulent" which is TO LATE.

They know these guys are crooks and yet they continue to support them. And then when I send a complaint to THEM, they halt my account, so that I cannot say anything on the site. It is deplorable and despicable. They are as bad as the crooks sending the junk.

ALL my purchases came through as a cheap chain of a buddha piece of junk. They need to shut down and be held responsible for their actions. Because they know exactly what is going on. I think it would make a good news story or even 60 mins.

They are all scam artists. I have never had a problem in 10 years on Ebay and now I have lost about $1,000.

on ioffer.Hopefully, others can be warned.

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381 of 441 Ioffer Reviews

Oct 15

Dumb you that did it TEN FRIGGIN TIMES !!!!!

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Oct 04 Washington, District Of Columbia

I've made many purchases on ioffer. I've received them all as well. You just have to be careful. Don't but from anyone that doesn't accept paypal - that should scream scam at you right away. Try to talk to the seller before buying anything, see if they actually care. Always look at how long they have been a seller and definitely don't just look at the feedback rating - actually go through and look at what people said. Also take notice to the type of people that said things. Do they have more than 1-2 purchases? If you feel any sketchy vibe, just don't buy. My rule is don't spend more than around $20 on anything. Everything (even that high priced knock-off stuff) is about worth only that much.

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Sep 15 London, London

Beware of ioffer. I certainly will never use them again from bad experience. I ordered two pairs of trainers from different sellers. Both sellers provided a fake tracking number claiming items had been sent and both were never received. I filed a dispute with paypal and so far have had my money back on one item, still waiting outcome on the other......

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That Earl

Sep 14

WHOA! Thank God I typed in "ioffer scam" and this pulled up because I was seriously considering making a purchase. Smh

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Aug 16

I ordered a dvd, it is called story of a woman, but it was downloaded from you tube, absolute bad quality
They are cheaters.

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Aug 11 New Castle, Delaware

I have ordered over 200 dvds from an array of different sellers and have received excellent copies and had no problems. I guess I got really lucky!

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Aug 08 Colt, Arkansas

I order boot but received two Buddha. That is a bunch of ***. You learn from your mistake! First and last time.

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Jul 11

I just ordered 2 items on July 4th and I think they are both scams. I use to shop on ioffer regularly 7 years ago and I just got back on. I tried to make 4 purchases but every seller had a problem claiming money from their paypal account. I canceled the transactions but one went through. They send me a tracking number but its no good it says the China post has accepted it. I tried to email them no response and now they are no longer on ioffer. Im so pissed I had such a good experience with ioffer before but now its just a marketplace for scammers.

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Jun 01

don't do business with I offer

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Jul 11

You are one of the lucky ones

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Apr 29 New York, New York

I have taken the time to read about 60 comments regarding this issue with ioffer and I have found some interesting patterns. I myself have not ordered from ioffer because I have been burned in the past by some knock-off companies, and also by very reputable companies in the past so I am VERY cautions before ordering ANYTHING online, which unfortunately everyone should also be! There are VERY SATISFIED and VERY UNSATISFIED customers on this page. I have yet to read anyone really in the middle, which leads me to believe a lot of these replies are meant to favor ioffer by sellers. I did a few "tests" with ioffer sellers to see what type of service they provided. For example, I requested "actual" photos of particular items I was interested in. Only 1 out of 10 sellers was willing to do so. The one that did, unfortunately the item looked nothing like the advertised item. They were being honest by showing me the product, but the product was of very poor quality. Everyone else replied by saying "the photo posted is actual" or "I no have any photo" Because these responses were exactly the same, the sellers either have scripts they can chose to respond with or many of the "different" sellers are in fact the same individual. Either way, I have done enough homework to be confident that this in not a company I chose to be affiliated with. Everyone else should take the time to do the same with ANY ONLINE company! Good luck fellow shoppers!

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Apr 10 Dallas, Texas

I agree, I had a very bad experience with an ioffer. cheap product. I did not received half of my orders. sellers do not respond and this site do nothing to help me to get my money back.

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Apr 08

I am very disappointed by the
I ordered the product: 88SCFD, but they sent me another product: 88SCFA that is not popular and more expensive (they took me more money).
I will never buy at the

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Mar 29

Excuse me ? If you thought they were a scam or you didn't have a good experience for the first order, then why did you have to go there and shop 10 times ? Strange ! What are you trying to do here - Gossipping ?

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Mar 18

I have ordered many pirate DVDs and one counterfeit designer shirt over the years from iOffer. I received the shirt and most of the DVDs just fine. Other DVDs though, came on crappy discs that didn't play properly. Don't spend any money on iOffer that you're not prepared to lose. And yes, the people running iOffer know all about this and won't refund your money if you get ripped off. IMHO, Movies are usually fairly safe to buy in small amounts.

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Feb 05 Regina, Saskatchewan

I will never ever use iOffer again. It is a major scam. I've used eBay many times without problem. With iOffer I never received the product at all. Seller just kept giving excuses on why I hadn't received my purchase. Then said he did a reshipment .. even provided a fake tracking number. Then when I asked for a refund the seller quit responding. iOffer provided no assistance. Buyer beware!

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Feb 05

iOffer is a complete ripoff. I never received the product I purchased. No fecund and seller doesn't respond now. Never ever use iOffer.

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Jan 19 Istanbul, Istanbul

Beware of caishendao213 @Ioffer and the people selling watches and sunglasses.I bought a DG sunglass and he made me wait for a week and then closed his account.I was schocked to see the item marked as "received" today.I don't know who marked it but it wasn't me for sure.I have been asking for a tracking number for a week.I also noticed if you rate positive transaction but write the negative experience they publish it.So it must be arranged that only positive ratings are published.

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Jan 09 New Albany, Mississippi

Yeah, they have 99% positive reviews, but if I leave a bad review it doesn't show up. Ever. How often does this happen? iOffer is working in conjunction with cons, letting them complete their transactions so that they can gain the commission on each sale.

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