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I bought something from Ioffer about a month ago. The seller requested that I pay using Paypal, so I signed up and paid for the item. The following day, she emailed me asking how much I was willing to pay.

I told her I had already paid and had the email notification to prove it. I requested a refund from her, which she accepted. However, it has been almost four weeks and I haven't heard anything from her.

I am too nervous to contact her again as I don't want any harrassment. There is no one to contact to complain. What should I do?


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You may just have to call it a loss and never ever purchase anything off of IOffer ever again.I beleive that it is a huge scam.

I just bought, well paid for some shoes that I purchased from a seller on Ioffer and instead I received a keychain. Most of the sellers on there are Chinese and the majority of the items, i'm now hearing are cheap, extremely cheap knock-offs. But I'm out of 50.00 and there's nothing pay pal can do about it.

but pay-pal is full of *** too because I'm a seller on E-bay and they hold the funds up to 21 days just in case the buyer complains so why can't they give me back my money???I have no idea.

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