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Clist is one incredibly rude and flakey seller on ioffer.I made the mistake of ordering some old baseball and football games from this seller.

He described them as excellent video quality. I paid him quickly and he then decided to steal my money and only send me 2 games out of the 4 that I ordered. And those 2 games were terrible video quality. He then refused to answer any questions or emails.

Then he gives ME a negative rating! And, there is nothing that ioffer can do about it.

Ioffer protects these scammers and does nothing for the buyers.

Monetary Loss: $27.


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Lord of the Dead, please F-off. You are one complete and total ***. You are the F#@ng cry baby.


:p uh?what are you thinking dude?

you think your gonna get some HD remastered stuff? most of those games are off of old vcr tapes! they didnt any dam hi-res flat screens back then ***! i cant believe people think like that!

:upset i never had a problem with CLIST! because I know where exactly where they came from! maybe you should just sit there with your thumb up your *** and watch NFL NETWORK highlights!

cry baby!:cry

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