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This site needs to be shut down by the govenrments consumer protection agency.All the products are fakes and the sellers have no interest other than getting your money and forgetting about you.

3 attempted transactions all went sour and spineless IOFFER customer support exists only as a repeating e-mail with suggested actions. You will never get an actual person to help you. They predominantly have only foreign sellers the just want your valuable US dollars.

Advise all your friends and family to never consider doing any business.Hopefully in the future fraudulent internet sellers will be more harshly dealt with.

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Hy, someone can help me? i make a bank tranference to SHOPHEELS seller and it passed more than one month and i haven't recieve anything, he send me a message like i send lesss money that we agree, but i have the confirmation from the bank i send exactly the amount we agree, how can i recover my money?


:( ioffer?i'll tell you this...

they shouldve been shut DOWN and thrown in the deep depths of ***! as a seller they frickin charge you before a dam invoice is even sent! talk about being the ultimate crook! the buyer ,who in some instances are little *** to begin with.

Dont read your listing and just use that asinine "buy it now" button with free will! what gets me is when a transaction that "you" dont authorized is automatically charged! and good luck tryin to get those fees refunded! I had to report them twice!

to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! before they refunded the money! this is suppose to be business mind y0u! their customer service rep's are either the CEO's nieces or nephews on spring break workin there part time while sun tanning their brain and watching JERSEY SHORE!

in a nutshell their *** TWITTER RETARDS! all they do is read off some office response sheet! ohh it gets better! they will hold your account for retribution for being reported!Most of their "good" sellers are from CHINA?

selling "authentic" gucci and louis vuitton? yeah right! the whole website smells of FAKE AND BOOTLEG junk! in 2009 they had supenas up the *** for letting people sell MOVIES OUT IN THEATERS"WOLVERINE"!

but that itS not just that, it's the fact they have over 200 sellers allowed to sell copyright infringing movies that, if you look AT the pictures you know it not a...

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