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I saw an "authentic" Chanel jumbo bag on there a week ago, so I asked him for pictures of the serial # and card, and he kept replying "no no it's authentic friend" and he changed the price from $30 to $450, which was weird (I obviously knew it was a fake, since he stole the pictures from Ebay-but I have been frustrated with Ioffer and their sellers not being accurate/real/authentic) so he sold it, and when I confronted him about it, he said " friend, i just sold authentic bag" So who cares? Anyways, this week, I spotted another fake bag for $30, and I asked him about pictures of the serial # and card- so this is what he said: "maybe you don't want to pay good price!


no busniess! thank you !" He was rude, and he has been reported for counterfeit items to iOffer.

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You have to assume buying any chanel bag online is fake, Chanel do not authorize the selling of there bags online anywhere even second hand so anyone who actually is is doing so illegally. Anyway buying a Chanel bag at below retail price take it as fact that its a fake no matter what anyone says.

Anyone willing to pay its actual retail price for a bag in China and swear what they got is real are kidding themselves and have been ripped off well if you had that sort of money why wouldn't you go to a real Chanel boutique and buy over the counter? Can you afford that, if not take your fake and enjoy it for what it is cos its the closest to owning the real thing you will get.

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