I bought a pair of boots from him and got my item more than a month later. The item was fake and not even as how it looked like in the pictures. The bottom of my boots is made up of FOAM!!! How ridiculous! The entire thing isn't worth 1/10 of the price I suppose.

The seller deleted the item soon after my purchase. I felt something was wrong but was still being too innocent to believe that might be a scam. I messaged him publicly in ioffer demanding a refund but then he replied giving me an email address telling me to discuss it via email. Then we had this negotiation back and forth for more than a week, he always sounded sincere, willing to help and everything, but never gave me a straightforward answer about the procedures to return the item and process refund. I did warn him that I will open a dispute otherwise, he tricked me through it. I was pretty busy that time and forgot to check the dispute deadline. When I realized what might have happened, the deadline in paypal has already passed and I finally got the email from him in which he told me to OPEN A DISPUTE WITH HIM AND GET MY REFUND BACK(***!).

I can't open a dispute in offer either since he already deleted the item....Guess what, when I received the item and went on to mark that "I've received", ioffer automatically rated the seller with five starts. I don't get it!!!!!

This is Mengxiang20166's store:



Just found someone who has a similar experience from him:


Monetary Loss: $80.

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