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I bought a slimming pills from this seller

but I never get the items. He/she cheated my $100 (my hard earned money). Please be careful. He/she might have other account.

April 16, 2014

Salina Saimon 12:48 AM

Offer for $105.00

Salina Saimon 12:48 AM

Offer for $100.00

Seller 12:48 AM

Offer for $100.00

Salina Saimon 01:41 AM

Accepted $100.00

Hi..I have paid through Paypal. Please give me your email. I EMAIL you the receipt.

Salina Saimon 01:49 AM

Receipt No: 3850-9207-6231-4957

Salina Saimon 01:53 AM

Hello friend. Please confirm if is your paypal email?? BEcause I have received an invoice and I already Paid USD100. kindly confirm ASAP. Thankz

April 17, 2014

Salina Saimon 07:16 PM

hello....when will you ship out my order? I need it ASAP. Thank you!

Seller 09:20 PM

Processing time is 3 days

April 23, 2014

Salina Saimon 02:42 AM

Hello..have you send my order?

Seller 03:14 AM

Check your email

May 2, 2014

Salina Saimon 05:01 AM

why you mark me as npb?!

Salina Saimon 08:52 PM

You did not even read and reply my mail. Also giving me false tracking no RB689627078CN. I have paid! Why you mark me as NPB?! *** U

on 23 April I asked whether he/she send out my order, instead of replying in Ioffer, they asked me to check my email and guess what they gave me FAKE tracking number RB689627078CN. I tried and tried to contact them several times but my effort is useless.

The conclusion is, He/she did not send my order, steal my money & MARK ME AS NON PAYING BUYER (NPB) in Ioffer. OMG! I need my money back! Please help me. Be careful guys. Do not buy anything from this seller.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Totally agree with the first comment. What a ***.

Buy slimming pills?

No such thing exists. Only an *** would buy something called "slimming pills".

to Anonymous #1058748

Such a lovely comment.


Be thankful you didn't receive these, they could make you very sick and they absolutely do not work. Nothing beats diet and exercise, stop being lazy.

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