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Big warning to all out there that buying anything (in my case a King motor or Baja RC car )from ioffer is buyer beware as you won't get the item you asked for and they will send a random object in a large foam box with a tracking number for paypal so DON'T buy one, Now I have had a call from a lawyer saying that they are pressing legal action for an item I still have not received 2 months ago and Paypal "don't care" as it was put to me by there team so now I have had to contact the local Police but there hands are tied and I know the guys name and address over in China Being as he tool signed for the empty foam box when I sent it back but no one will do anything and the news/T.V. wern't interested in doing a story on it to addvise the public of this site and people are still getting done buy them.Whats next I have to put this guys name address on the net and maybe someone will get burnt and track this guy down and pay him a vist?

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i thought i bought a cannon telephoto lense from a member called ouerunfor for 165 us dollars.we made the deal and i send him the money through paypal.I asked for the shiping details but no answer.after a few days and after my coplains to ioffer they send me back that i was a victim of a fraud.the paypal says that they cant do nothing so my money bye bye.


You will not get any kind of e-bay buyer protection from paypal at all folks!! on a e-bay dispute buyer complaint through paypal,there scam artist too,just like e-bay and ioffers are,because i gave a e-bay seller under perfectfuture $70.00 dollars on some illegal copy cdr bootleg soundtracks,that i did not no i was getting in the mail from him,i really thought,i was getting real original cd soundtracks from perfectfuture but instead,i got 5 illegal counterfeit cdr soundtracks from him instead,and perfectfuture from e-bay website,that i did a dispute claim through paypal on,and this guy won this dispute claim and case through paypal,because paypal told me by a email message they sent me,they do not do any kind of refunds on counterfeit cdr cds or other stuff you buy from e-bay and recieve in the mail,that's illegal as well,they only do refunds for buyer complaints,if your items does not arrive in the mail,that's it,so L.brooks you just got lucky through paypal,of getting your money refunded back to you through paypal.


i was just wondering why, consumers wants something so cheap and cant believe that the item is either a knock-off or bootleg. For instance, a Kingston 64 GB Thumbdrive that sells on Bestbuy for $149.99 sell on DHGate for $18.00 and gets resold on Ebay for $49.99.

Not unless the item was stolen there is no way you can get a bargain that good. Made in China? Shrimps, Chicken, Vegetable, anything on Bestbuy shelves, Harley Davidson Parts, Sony Electronics, name in, made in china, right? But how come if its chinese made, its fake.

Have you forgotten the phrase, "You get what you pay for"?

You want an authenthic item?, pay for the authenthic price!

Then again, see how many people line up at bestbuys return counter, to return mediocre manufactured items? And thats right, you guessed it right" Made in China"!!!!!

to jessie Luqa, Malta, Malta #974261

All the world is "Made in China" whatever the brand or item, even world famous expensive brands you pay hundreds of dollars for.

So don't knock made in China, but the people who peddle inferior goods.


If you used paypal as a form of payment you just might have protection! I got ripped off from a seller on ebay (sent defective item) and I personally called paypal.they were very kind and I now have my refund.

Look into it. Good luck.


From China? are you kidding me??? you are as good as dead.

People have hard time dealing with RIPOFFS WITH IN THE SAME STATE and your talking about across the world. FORGET ABOUT IT and move on.

Next time read their FEEDBACK before making a purchase or read the description VERY CAREFULLY

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