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I have made over 10 purchases with ioffer. I have a excellent rating with ebay.

Every single one of my purchases with ioffer has turned out to be a scam. I know the the Chanel merchandise is fake, BUT, I still expect to get what is pictured or EVEN close to what is pictured. But instead of boots that I have paid $80.00 for, I get a cheap chain. Instead of a purse that I have paid $150.00 for I get a 3" laughing buddha( I probably deserved that for being so ***) BUT what gets me, is that 5 days AFTER each purchase, ioffer sends a "Buyer could be fraudulent" which is TO LATE.

They know these guys are crooks and yet they continue to support them. And then when I send a complaint to THEM, they halt my account, so that I cannot say anything on the site. It is deplorable and despicable. They are as bad as the crooks sending the junk.

ALL my purchases came through as a cheap chain of a buddha piece of junk. They need to shut down and be held responsible for their actions. Because they know exactly what is going on. I think it would make a good news story or even 60 mins.

They are all scam artists. I have never had a problem in 10 years on Ebay and now I have lost about $1,000.

on ioffer. Hopefully, others can be warned.

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I have also found a lot of *** scammers on Ioffer who would rather screw people out of money than actually get a job and work like the rest of us do. Don't get me wrong, I have also had good dealings on there.

I've probably done around 20 good deals on Ioffer but had about 3 or 4 dealings with loser scumbags in the process. Luckily, I paid everything with Paypal and I have received a refund for every single one of them but it's pretty sad that there are that many {{Redacted}} using their service and they aren't doing anything about it. Hopefully it won't be long until they're shut down for good. It looks like the scammers take the format of someone's sales page and basically posts it as their own making it look like they're legit when they have 2000+ items for sale.

And then a week later, they have 0 items for sale......that right there is a red flag that they screwed anyone who purchased anything from them. I even had one guy tell me there was a problem with my paypal money and refunded me the money but then asked me to resend it in 2 different equal amounts.

I refused to resend the money the 2nd time and they never pursued me for it..........no question that was a scam too. Anyway, my advice to anyone thinking about buying on Ioffer.......DON'T!!!!!


Same w me I offer is nothing but a big scam site why can't anyone help

Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom #1283155

Lets spread the word. iOffers know exactly what they are running and it is dishonest.

Its more defrauding that scamming. Either way we can correct it if we just let people know not to buy from them.

Hicksville, New York, United States #1222632

Ioffer is a scam I paid for some sneaker and was waiting for it to be ship of but only got a text from goodtime168 stating he going send them tomorrow which he still didn't sent them off please please don't buy anything from them it a total lost


Yes,I was charged $24.00 for a pair of women's Adidas,the seller emailed me stating that he's received my payment but once I asked when I'll receive them he tells me that I've never paid! I have verification emails from their system & emails & messages from this "seller" thathat I have paid.

It's been about 6 days so I will be calling my bank on Monday to get a charge back & I am NEVER shopping there again. AliExpress is better anyway,I have ordered over 163 items from there & was satisfied EVERY time.


I ordered nike air. I ner rrecived a confirmation via my email I need a confirmation sent to my email verifying.

My email is irishgal49mullin@aol.com

Houston, Texas, United States #992671

Particularly seller named Yourdvdsource. Will steal your money and then give you a bad rating.


I just bought a purse and the seller hasnt even sent it yet and wont respond to my messages !!!!


I bought a watch and earrings and they came just as picture, but when I later bought some clothes they never came. I bought 3 pair of pants that never came and there was nothing done to get my money back so it is at ones own risk each purchase

Wasilla, Alaska, United States #944552

I have ordered from them 3 times and always got what I ordered.


Ioffer is a *** SCAM.,,


I repeat do not buy from ioffer, they are a scam or they allow scumbags to operate within their knowledge .,

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #920938

estaba pensando en comprar algo en iofer pero despues de leer esto creo que no me interesa comprar nada en esta compania

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #914539
I ordered few times, and can say that not all of the sellers are scam! I also haven't receive my items 2 times, but other things from other sellers i received.

It depends from seller, py ONLY with paypal always, if something going not like it should be, you can refund money. One time i ordered 10 belts, paid around £70... but they didn't come in time, seller all the time was telling me to wait few days more...

but i opened a dispute case in paypal and get a refund! And after few days i got belts also :D It was nice :D Don't trust everybody, just be carefull :)
Dickinson, North Dakota, United States #913010

I ordered Jordan shoes from 2differnent sellers on oct 31 2014 and I still haven't gotten them and when I try to track it with the tracking number they gave me it brings up not found and I send the seller messages no respond all the time so don't order on I offer better luck on eBay

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #912100

10 purchases with Ioffer? If you had trouble with every one of them why did you continue?


Dumb you that did it TEN FRIGGIN TIMES !!!!!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #879740

I've made many purchases on ioffer. I've received them all as well.

You just have to be careful. Don't but from anyone that doesn't accept paypal - that should scream scam at you right away. Try to talk to the seller before buying anything, see if they actually care. Always look at how long they have been a seller and definitely don't just look at the feedback rating - actually go through and look at what people said.

Also take notice to the type of people that said things. Do they have more than 1-2 purchases? If you feel any sketchy vibe, just don't buy.

My rule is don't spend more than around $20 on anything. Everything (even that high priced knock-off stuff) is about worth only that much.

London, England, United Kingdom #870454

Beware of ioffer. I certainly will never use them again from bad experience.

I ordered two pairs of trainers from different sellers. Both sellers provided a fake tracking number claiming items had been sent and both were never received.

I filed a dispute with paypal and so far have had my money back on one item, still waiting outcome on the other......


WHOA! Thank God I typed in "ioffer scam" and this pulled up because I was seriously considering making a purchase. Smh


I ordered a dvd, it is called story of a woman, but it was downloaded from you tube, absolute bad quality

They are cheaters.


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