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I have made over 10 purchases with ioffer. I have a excellent rating with ebay.

Every single one of my purchases with ioffer has turned out to be a scam. I know the the Chanel merchandise is fake, BUT, I still expect to get what is pictured or EVEN close to what is pictured. But instead of boots that I have paid $80.00 for, I get a cheap chain. Instead of a purse that I have paid $150.00 for I get a 3" laughing buddha( I probably deserved that for being so ***) BUT what gets me, is that 5 days AFTER each purchase, ioffer sends a "Buyer could be fraudulent" which is TO LATE.

They know these guys are crooks and yet they continue to support them. And then when I send a complaint to THEM, they halt my account, so that I cannot say anything on the site. It is deplorable and despicable. They are as bad as the crooks sending the junk.

ALL my purchases came through as a cheap chain of a buddha piece of junk. They need to shut down and be held responsible for their actions. Because they know exactly what is going on. I think it would make a good news story or even 60 mins.

They are all scam artists. I have never had a problem in 10 years on Ebay and now I have lost about $1,000.

on ioffer. Hopefully, others can be warned.

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to Never again Bronx, New York, United States #643288

Get Paypal involved, they are the only ones that can help u.

It took almost a month to get my package from ioffer, when I went to dispute my transaction with PayPal about a purchase from ioffer I made on 3/17/13, the seller quickly sends the items on 4/12/13. Almost a whole month after I gave them their money.

For some reason it takes so long b/c it has to be seen by American customs first then send to the person. But I won't be buying things on ioffer with just anyone, only one seller that send my items and did answer me when I requested a tracking number.

to Never again Richmond, Virginia, United States #648615

yes, if it is damaged,the wrong item, or you get nothing at all they will take care of it. file a dispute and keep up with it every day don't file and forget about it because if you are sent something whether or not it is the right thing or not they will want you to send it back with tracking and give them the tracking number within a certain period of time. if you send the item back to late or don't give them the tracking until the time has expired you will get nothing back.

to Never again Houston, Texas, United States #665617

no paypal doesn't do much, but call your bank and have the charges reversed - tell them you cannot contact seller after 3 attempts and it is been such and such length of time since you should have received your item.

I've had a few problems, but if the buyer won't resolve the problem, I just call my bank. It works everytime.

good luck!!!!!!

to Never again Riverview, Florida, United States #668050

Yes, PayPal will file a dispute for you to ioffer. I made 4 separate purchases with different sellers on the same day from ioffer.

It is now day 63 with none of my purchases received. I contacted PayPal and they opened a dispute. The rep told me they will try to locate a tracking number first, then contact the seller.If seller does not respind PayPal will refund entire amount.

*** me, I bought from ioffer three months ago and had to file adispute with PayPal. Do not go through ioffer, they do not help.

to Never again #668766

Yes, but you have to file a complaint thru PayPal... It usually takes long bcuz u r dealing w china goods...

Contact the seller & tell them that u r about to contact PayPal & their business will suffer & see what they say.. But u only have so many days that PayPal can do anything...

Ioffer can cancel but u will still hAv to go thru seller for money back ! Did u request tracking#

Los Angeles, California, United States #638847
i love ioffer, i buy all the time, just certin toys but still, i never had an issue, i enjoy the seller that i do business with and all is great so i guess this message is for all the people that bought that COACH purse or THAT LOUIS VUITTON hand bag, some expensive duvets and only spent 100-150$ on it, your the *** that was too cheap to go spent the money on the real thing and thought the chinese rip off bag would sneak past your friends and you could sit and bost on how expensive it was and you got such a great deal from this guy in the city........ all knowing its a cheap knock off ya, you shouldnt cry about it, you only have yourself to blame.

you want cheap you get cheap so just deal with it and next time figure out where your seller is from, if the live in the most counterfeited country in the world (CHINA) its probibly not the smartest thing to do. ask your self, would a rocket scientist buy this or a monkey? if you said monkey- you should be dragged in the middle of your nearest busy street and and shot in the head.

the world has enough monkeys. :cry
to *** surfer Groton, Connecticut, United States #667862
Lmao :grin
Warrington, England, United Kingdom #636070

I bought a versace table cloth and duvet fm a same seller. Paid in total USD110.

The tablecloth safely reached me however until today I have yet to receive the duvet. When I contacted the seller through ioffer, like chicken and duck communicating as he u'stands a minimal english words. He said he hv sent items separately and furnished me with one tracking number only. How could that be?

One tracking number to cover 2 separate parcel? I contacted ioffer but nothing came back from them hence I hv to report to paypal instead and they are still investigating. This will be my first and last buying items from ioffer as most of the sellers are from countries like China, Istanbul, Bulgaria and they can hardly u'stand english.

I had hard time to get my message accross to them! grrrrr..


I ordered a product about 10 days ago and still haven't received and thing about it such as the tracking number or anything. I tried filing a complaint and contacting the seller and she wouldn't respond should I cancel my transaction? ????

Dallas, Texas, United States #624055

Wow, we just registered for ioffer. Tried to pay with paypal but they did not show they took it!

The seller has great ratings, I wonder if you can even go by that! It just showed they took checks and western union. Are they serious, there is NO way we will do that! Sent an e-mail to seller asking about paypal, so after reading all this its alot to consider.

We had it with Aliexpress, so there is no reason to go back to the China sellers. Thanks for the info!

to MajG Memphis, Tennessee, United States #633140

You definitely cannot go by their ratings. I purchased some Beats by Dr.

Dre Headphones almost two months ago from a seller who had a 98 rating....nothing but good comments, but I have still yet to receive my merchandise or my money back.

Ioffer is no better than the seller because I cannot even file a complaint or post anything negative on his wall. The whole thing is a scam.

to Sha123 Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom #1283191

Share your iOffer bad experience with google, linkedin, twitter and Facebook. The only way these louts will even think about tidying up their act is if we can hit them where it hurts - in their pockets.

Tampa, Florida, United States #603112

I bought something from ioffer and never received it.

Stay away from ioffer the real sellers have left that place 3 years ago at least from what i heard due to so many rippers!look for eurbrands they check out pretty good :eek
Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #589529

yes ioffer is something else, I bought a handbag from bestoftrade2011 paid thru paypal, still waiting for the item, 1113/12 was suppose to be a Xmas present

out of money and out of item, give tracking number, item is in sort faciliy in ISTANBUL

TURKEY BULL$%*, you contact help desk and get nowhere for they tell you they don't collect,refund etc so what type of help are they, it's time to call the better business bureau on them or someone who can stop ripping people off

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #582349

I have bought several items on iOffer and each time I received my merchandise quickly and as described. One thing I did was read all the info from the site about sellers & buyers because we don't know who we're dealing with.

Why would you buy something from China??

Why are you paying someone you don't know more than $20.00?

Why would you send someone you don't know money thru Western Union?

I look at the buyers and pick the ones who have really strong ratings. But that doesn't mean I can't get scammed. That's why I haven't bought anything other than a hard to find CD or DVD. Think before you buy. If you can't afford to lose the money don't buy unless you're guaranteed to get your money back some way. Use a credit card & Paypal. Credit crd companies refund money when fraud is involved. They don't take long either. Also buy from sites you know like amazon when buying something expensive. Amazon will also credit money back quickly.

to Rubyredjewel London, England, United Kingdom #582728

you cant leave negative feedback on ioffer that should be the first warning sign!


I made a purchase but only paid it about a month later through western union and by then I realised that the seller had already cancelled the transaction. I have knowledge that the seller has already withdrawn the money so I know that he gets my messages and I have been trying to contact him since but he won't respond.

Any chances he will still send me the merchandise even though the transaction had been cancelled before I paid for it?

to I think I have been screwed to #591153

no your *** bro.


I made a purchase but only paid it about a month later through western union and then realised that the seller had already cancelled the transaction. I have knowledge that the seller has already withdrawn the money so I know that he gets my messages and I have been trying to contact him since but he won't respond.

Any chances he will still send me the merchandise even though the transaction had been cancelled before I paid?

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