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18 comments This person appears to be very friendly , will give you good deal, the tracking number appears to be invalid , then she says it got lost somewhere in kentucky and then she says she resent it and then will make you wait , no reply, no new tracking number, then you get pissed and ask for refund nicely, she wont reply and then after making you wait for 2 to 4 weeks she will refund! If you are lucky.

So please do not get fooled, i also got proof of this, of ripped off customers. o

Monetary Loss: $150.

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also, the new store is called america enterprises on ioffer so beware


guys! i got a refund by going through my credit card company.

if you pay through amazon payments, dispute the charge and get a refund! this is a scammer, butFIGHT!

to get your money back. i would say either call your credit card company or file a dispute within amazon.


Hey guys, what shell we do? Did anyone reported her to the police? What did they say?

Contact me:


she stole 1200$ from me and believe me she f***ed with the wrong guy. She doesn't know my influence and power so people wait, watch and learn. I'll look after her and ruin the life of this ***.

BTW, her phone number: 786-5819262


Dont be a fool. She will tell you she will send you gifts and ***.

BLAH BLAH BLAH, for weeks even months!!! :( i was so dumb and dazzled by those pigments. How *** was i... :cry :cry :cry she always talks about her father's warehouse and how they have so many pigments and stuff, but if my package did really get lost, how come she ignored me and left me waiting weeks to tell me.

And then how come she didnt just replace the order and send me a new one? im assuming if they have a warehouse they could, dont you think? You know what? IAM DONE, i cant waste anymore of my time talking about this filthy *** who is gonna go to *** for stealing.

Please if you are reading this, DO NOT , i repeat DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER. :( :( :( :sigh :sigh :sigh


:( i thought maybe by now this crook would have been stopped, i guess not :? i dont know how can someone commit so many crimes and not go to jail. And to those that are giving good reviews of this scammer, please just don't, you know who the real lier is.

That is why i have been spreading the word after what she has done to me and to many others.

As a matter of fact she could be the one leaving messages over here to clean her image. BEWARE OF THIS CROOK AIMEE LOPEZ.


It would be great if someone here who is so happy to deal with her could help us locate her and find her actual number.

She gave me a mobile number which doesnt get received ever. I am really worried as it has been almost a month and she doesnt respond to any mails.

any help would be appreciated.


I was pissed off by Aimee lopez stylebay in ioffer. she took my $3000 and she is nowhere to find.

she doesnt reply at all..



Are the more people who have been cheated by

* stylebay

* liquidiation gate or

* Aimee Lopez


Please contact me and let us alltogether report this person to the police!

My Nickname

I have lost $600 dollars because of her!

I am a student and worked 2 months hard for the money!

I am very desperate, so please contact me if you are desperate as I am because of this person: cappacino at gmx dot com


I have bought iPhone 4 from her and since she has the money she is not responding for days!!!

I can do nothing. I am so pissed :(


:zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz


THANKS AIMEE :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Perfect seller all ways.Receve in 5 days to Austria many more things extra.I wil always buy from Aimee.Neer saw good qualiti like this before. :zzz


After reading the first post i panicked and started a paypal dispute against this seller.

I am soooooo ashamed.I received my order today with over 20 free items.I contact Paypal and canceled the dispute.NOW I AM TOO ASHAMED TO FACE THE SELLER!!!

By the way these are not Chinese products, they are the best pigments I have ever bought..AIMEE CAN YOU FORGIVE ME!!!!!



I agree with buyer #4 A seller that goes way out of her way to make me happy.I have ordered twice and have had outstanding results.Tripled my money and will be back for more.This company is legit mate.Even paid shipping to Australia. Also agree on the looks comment no disrespect intended.

Happy Aussie :grin


well, i got more pictures and emails from recent dates of unhappy customers like me who got the same story :roll so, if there is really a warehouse why not shipping the packages again, we paid our money to be waiting more than a month.


Hi guys, I ordered 200 pigments. Receive my order plus brushes and lip gloss (all free)

No complaints here. I will be ordering more soon.


The Garden State


I am with you brother, dealing with aime was a pleasure.If you are lucky enough to get her on skype you will see she is also a looker.

Good Ethics Knows the Biz and looks good.

Me happy with goods and freebies and totally crushing on this supplier :eek :eek :eek


hi i went to the warehouse and picked my products too many to take with me as I had a plane to catch.The purchase was received in three days.Im sorry you had a bad experience but this is the best supplier I have dealt with

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