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I bought some multi dvd's off Ioffer through a seller. The guy sucked shipping it he sent multi dvd's(100) in a flimsy priority envelope, and it busted before it got to me.

I had to wait 2 weeks for my dvd, and to have it arrive all damaged. So there was 16 dvd's in there and how they made it I have ni idea. I sent him a message explaining what happened. He stated I just wanted a refund because it has just became a hassle.

He asked me to send the dvd's back which I did and I turned around and paid $10.95 to send the dvd's back with delivery confirmation in a priority box it was suppose to be shipped in. Well I never heard from so I contacted him and told him I was aware he got the dvd's back today. He then insisted if I would cancel the transcation and he would send me my ful lrefund. I explained to him no so if he decided not to send my refund.

I explained to him once I get my refund I would close the transcation out but not til then, and that no need feedback would be left because he didn't deserve it because of *** poor shipping.

So I actually filed a dispute on Ioffer. I got all my recipets, pictures of the damage, emails, and all messages from me and the seller.

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Have you had any results from your complaint to iOffer? I had a similar experience (albeit with a different vendor), and had one helluva time trying to find a contact for them. I ended up sending a message to the Public Relations email, but I frankly don't hold much hope in that regard.


Bought the Insanity DVD set for 28 bucks. Came from China finally, fuzzy quality, and the discs stop randomly throughout the workout.

Cheap counterfeit junk and I knew it. My fault for buying it.


i bought a brown leather jacket, they sent a red baseball top!!! hahahaahahaha i had to ship it back for a refund which cost me 10£ the seller is saying they never got the item back im 100% sure they are lying or sent me the wrong address on purpose, they keep saying they are sorry and will refund but never do, i keep asking for the refund and they just ignore me then eventually have me running in circles saying stuff like 'you need to cancel transaction first' which is impossible coz you can only cancel open offers not sales after payment is made .

this has been ongoing for 5 months now, and id say sending the completley wrong item is their big mistake. ioffer sucks

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