Her name is Rachel T. and she live in the United States. She sell bootlegs DVDs on iOffer with the IDs ''tafkate'' and ''ladymax''. She also have a account on Ebay: ''ladymax07''.

She not only sell bootlegs of Japanese shows on some DVD+R but she is also very rude and unprofessional. She dare say, on her personal website and elsewhere, that she a big fan of Sailor Moon. What a lie! REAL fans of Sailor Moon and other type of shows WON'T sell bootlegs of them for money AND playing the BULLY on her customers when they ask her some questions!

You can find all about her (with some BIG personal info, too) on her website: http://twilight-angel.net/home.php She sell also her bootlegs here: http://everlasting-moonlight.info/seramyu/distro/ So, everyone, do not only avoid ioffer because of theirs reputation, but also this seller! If you buy from her, you will lost your money. Simple as that.

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