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I just started buying on ioffer and am pleased so far.I have seen many complaints from people saying people stole their money.

Pay ONLY with PayPal. You are protected by PayPal. You will get your money back. And people need to see where item is and realize it my take 2 weeks to recieve item.

Not sellers fault. Items have to go through customs. Read the sellers reviews and if reviews are bad dont buy from them.

I like Ioffer better than ebay because prices are a lot better and you can find more on here.Be patient with shipping.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #585738


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #585736

toms9188 is thief never sent the items i paid for.Tried to contact him many times by ioffer mail but he did not answer neither resend the items or refund.He most time online but never replay to my mail .keep holding you until the date to open a case at resolution center has passed.I never had a problem with any other seller from china.Always items arrive at my location in 20 days.I just wantfuture customers to be aware.Avoid buying from him,.Be aware of the thief he use tis name toms9188 or or tis is a private message now to let you knew better ive me my money or resend me my shoes THE SELLER ADDRESS

zhong wang

The Shouning road 56 make 48 201 room

Shanghai 200021



I bought DVD's back in January from 'masterofgallifrey' and never got them. He never sent me no updates what so ever, and I ALWAYS use paypal for online stuff.


In theory the above comment is correct. If you pay through Paypal, you are protected for 21 days.

Sadly many of the fraudulent sellers on Ioffer are on to this now, and have taken to procrastinating until the 21 days (even the 60 day Ioffer limit) has expired, so the buyer no longer has any way of getting their money back, disputing the transaction - or even leaving negative feedback.

I have had some very good experiences with Ioffer sellers - but also some very bad experiences, and for the bad experiences, any attempt to complain or report the seller to Ioffer generally seems to end with Ioffer figuratively rubbing salt on the wounds by immediately going on the offensive & blindly siding against the seller - quite often coupled with a misquote of the complaint you put in, even when the original message is immediately below their reply!

Recently there have been an number of changes to their site, and I must say, that most of these have been the removal of useful information which helped buyers ascertain whether a seller is fraudulent or not - in particular I'll highlight the feedback chart, which gave a very accurate picture of a sellers recent activity rather than averaging their feedback score over the total feedback received. In my experience at least, there was more than one occasion where the sellers feedback rating was over 95%, but when I checked the sellers feedback chart,most of that sellers for the past 6 months had been reported...

I won't go into too much detail about the Ioffer feedback display as much has been said already, but I will add, the again it favors the seller, by putting all of the positives in the first pages of feedback, with the negatives 'hidden' at the end of the sellers feedback.

The sad truth is that right now, I need Ioffer, because their lack of control over their sellers means that I can locate & purchase things for my DVD collection which are not commercially available & therefore I could not get them any other way, but I do believe that Ioffer is a very poorly run 'organisation' (I use that term loosely), and if there was any alternative for me, I would dump Ioffer in a second for another site.

Suffice to say, in my recent experience at least, the below two fraudulent sellers should be avoided at all costs;



Sorry if this is rather long & I hope this is helpful to some people.

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Pay-Pal got tired of trying to get the money from this guy too and gave up on the situation. I am still out of my money and the seller is STILL selling on Ioffer.It is cheap because there is NO PROTECTION on there at all.

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