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I have used this company in the past in order to obtain copies of tings I cold ot otherwise obtain. usually it went ok.

I then orderd Perry Mason movis & it became the nightmare from ***.

The seller seemed to go along find until I gave a bad review. I had even told him earliler that the copies were bad and offeed that he might want to check his machines, etc.

Then he began making nasty insults on how I obviously needed education on how vintage TV programs being recorded worked.

I told him in response that I have copies on VHS much older and in excellent conditon. I do not what I am talking about.

I sent several more comments (some private & some not.) I even made the gensture to let others know not to be influnced in my poor copies tht maybe it was just that copy that was bad.

Never did he offer to replace the bad copies.

99/% of my comments weent ignored.

I then offered a dispute.

I was told what a great honest eperienced beusiness manhe was and how I had not given him the respect due him and should have tired to discuss the matter with him.

I countered this with the remarks that I did try to contact him,but he never responded. And the few times he did it was with nasty barbs insults and never even offered to replace the damaged items.

In short this guy can dish it out, but can't take it. And I refuse to look as if I did something wrong when he was the one who took my money & I received items in turn that are barely viewable (several people have checked them out besides me and all agree).

In short, I-Offer was no help either. It was up to me to work it out with him. So much for customer support.

Do not buy from this company. It is sad for the ones who are offering products not available through any other source & are willing to replace defective items; but that doe snot make up for money lost and useless copies of TV movies that should have been decent.

Do not use these people.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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