Vendor, supposedly in UK, advertised motion picture titled "Pontius

Pilate," 1962, Italian at $15.00. I offered $12.00. The seller came

back to me demanding $22.00 because of the postage involved in

sending one small disk to the USA. In replying toi the vendor to resolve the matter, he failed to respond. Subsequently, the I Offer

item disappeared completely from the items listed/shown!

How very, very impressive! Quality and dignity all the way!!

I woinder where this "scam" artist is today?

Reputable? Most definitely not! Threatening and abusive? Most decidedly so. Runs and hides when caught in the "limelight? Very

much so. Dishonest and caught in the middle of illegal acts? Yes

indeed. Threateningin manner and approach? Definitely so! My next avenue of recourse? CNN, Fox, NY Times and The Washington and my U.S. senator. It is amazing what media focus can do. Brag? Not in the least. Fact!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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