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i recently bought a movie from the persons users name was great quality shows, well i was writing about a dvd i had'nt received yet and made the mistake of writing them, they called me ***, ask me if i was crazy, when i wrote them back and told them they were rude they told me i was, so unless you want to be called names don't go on that sote and buy from Great Quality Shows, i buy alot from but i may change my mind if they can't control their sellers

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #640412

I tried to buy a DVD from legion1980 and because I've never paid ioffer by check before, I asked him to whom I was to make the check out. I received a response with the letters vmo in lower case letters.

I wasn't sure if that was it or not...there was no "Please make it out to VMO". I contacted him again just to be sure and in response I was called a moran and an ***!!!! I have saved the responses he/she sent.

I wish there was some way to make my complaint public on Ioffer!!! So if you come across legion1980, don't ask any questions, they don't like to have to give answers!!!!


I bought movies from this seller and he or she was very nice prompt a sewed all my questions with kindness

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