iOffer is definately allowing badly made fake products to be sold. I tried to buy a dress, emailed first to ask if my size and colour was available, was instantly replied yes with an invoice to pay.

Within 2 hours I had 3 requests to pay for this "in demand" item. I stupidly paid ( with PayPal ) and was then told I would have to choose something else as the dress was not available. I complained to iOffer ( whoever they are ) they never helped or replied except to tell me the seller had written a bad review for me as a non-payer !! Too much time had lapsed waiting for iOffer to help so now I can't get a refund from PayPal either.

I also bought a pair of shoes which arrived scuffed and absolutely stinkng of glue, I complained to the seller saying I would send them back for a refund, seller agreed and gave me an adress in china to send them back to.

I sent them back 3 months ago but seller kept saying they had not received them. Just another rip off and no help from iOffer and no way to get refund.

Just cutting my losses and learning a lesson I guess !!!

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